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Wołoszański & Partners Law Firm specializes in rendering legal advisory services for entrepreneurs . We offer comprehensive legal services. In particular we specialize in commercial law, civil law and companies law. We invite You to familiarize yourself with the specifics and quality of our services.

Michał Wołoszański



With years of experience in providing legal services to our Clients we have learned about events involving legal consequences. We have also learned whether particular solutions stands the test of the time. That is why our Clients choose our services at every stage of development of their business - from companies agreements, through the construction of capital group or analyzing long-term, significant contracts. Nowadays any business requires constant care and long-term planning. We offer You our knowledge and experience both at business plans as well as in their implementation in subsequent years.

Representation in courts

The Law Firm conducts more than a few thousand lawsuits at different stages of the proceeding. We represent our Clients in all kinds of proceedings, i.e. economic, civil, criminal, labour and insurance. Our experience allows us to fully understand the procedural situation and to ensure that we provide the Client with the most effective strategy - both before courts and arbitration.

Comprehensive services

Our Clients choose us in order to provide them with full legal services. We remain at the disposal of delegated teams appointed by the Client. We are advising our Clients on day to day basis in all encountered legal problems, we support the daily work of our Clients employees so that they could concentrate fully on the entrusted duties, without fear for legal consequences of any of their action.

Ad Hoc Consulting

We can also help in individual cases, often sudden and unexpected. We offer a necessary and effective solutions and provide services for crisis management. We try to stave off the danger and plan actions aimed at removing crisis.

Legal Audits

On behalf of our Clients we analyze entities, real estate we also have experience in analyzing entire shopping centers. We conduct audits of compliance with corporate governance rules, procedures of Personal Data protection, compliance with Environmental Protection Standards, we analyze the possibility of obtaining ISO certificates and monitor changes in the regulations constituting the basis for its issuance. Providing our Clients with a sense of legal security is our main goal.


For many years, the Law Firm support the work of the Metal Forming Institute in Poznan mainly with legal advisory in accordance to the implementation of new technologies. We can always count on the availability of the Law Firm, accurate advice and comprehensive analysis of the situation. Many times we found that solutions offered by the lLaw Firm have stood the test of time. It is not without significance for our cooperation that we have excellent business relationships, and above all the kindness, friendly atmosphere and professionalism. They are always at the highest level, and even solve difficult situations with rarely seen quality. Thank you very much for their cooperation.

Yours faithfully

dr hab. inż. Hanna Wiśniewska-Weinert, prof. nadzw, Director of the Institute of Metal Forming in Poznan


High dynamics, irregular hours, international partners - in these difficult conditions, we can always count on the professionalism Mr. Wołoszański, availability, opinions depicting different scenarios, prepared on the basis of a very precise analysis, not only legal but also economic, taking into account the characteristics of the industry and region.

Thank You for 6 years of security.

Robert Smalcerz, CEO, ROS MEDIA


Our company urgently needed a complex legal opinion, based on a deep understanding of legal realities in which we operate, including EU law. Wołoszański & Partners Law Firm was recommended to us as a reliable partner. Their work fulfiled our high standards, clearly presented situations and was made in a very short period of time.

Zbigniew Rokosz, First Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, HSW - Kuznia Stalowa Wola Sp. z o.o.


Wołoszański and Partners Law Firm was our parter while working on the project from the marketing area.During the entire project we relied on professional advices and impeccable customer service, with the certainty that we meet the established deadlines.

With all the conviction I can recommend the services of "Wołoszański and Partners".

Paweł Wierzbicki, CEO, Schindler Poland sp. z o.o.


While performing our duties we always strive to provide the most complete service possible, on many occasions going beyond the frames of standard legal advisory services. We understand that the Client often plans his objectives on the basis of recommendations received from the Law Firm. We do not limit our services solely to advising, providing opinions or drafting contracts. We are at Client’s disposal throughout the whole process of handling the case entrusted to us, helping at every stage, supervising and undertaking actions, suggesting new solutions, adjusting to often dynamically changing situations. We try to achieve success together with the Client.



Today’s world does business 24 hours a day, and our Clients often manages vast and dedicated teams performing tasks assigned to them. When the Client begins to cooperate with our Law Firm, he expects that every issue entrusted to the Law Firm will be properly handled. With such demands of the Client, services provided by a contemporary law film cannot be a product of one lawyer’s mind. It requires teamwork, exchange of information and simultaneous cooperation of a group of lawyers. Only a well-coordinated team can fulfil requirements that are demanded by our Clients, that is why we constantly work on the development of our skills.

Michał Wołoszański

Kinga Miller

Kamil Kaleńczuk

Łukasz Kudela

Patrycja Niksa

Małgorzata Pochrzęst

Marta Solarska

Barbara Siuta

Anna Suchan

Ewa Weinar

Prof. Włodzimierz Soiński
(of counsel)


We know that our Clients expect a Law Firm to be versatile, not to specialize only in one narrow field of expertise. Decisions made within one area of the Client’s activity often affect other areas. Taking into account the complexity of decisions made in organizing their affairs our Clients choose our services since they appreciate one point of contact with a full view of their matters and the ability to offer comprehensive service.

  • commercial law (including drawing up contracts and opinions);
  • company law and corporate governance;
  • disputes and court representation (before common courts, arbitration courts and mediation);
  • civil law;
  • insurance law;
  • labour law;
  • international contracts’ law;
  • law of new technologies, computer law;
  • personal data protection - audits and implementations ensuring compliance with GDPR requirements;
  • copyrights and protection of personal rights;
  • criminal law;
  • administrative law;
  • medical law;
  • tax advice.



We provide services so that our Clients can achieve their purpose in accordance with law and relevant procedures. We understand that our Client need recommendations and solutions, which will enable coping with any problematic situations or emergencies.


Our Clients often achieve their goals by implementing custom solutions. Therefore we are required to understand their organization. We deliver our services in accordance with the internal procedures of our Clients’ entities.


When advising our Clients we often go beyond the beaten trails. Based on our experience, we are constantly looking for innovative ways to provide our Clients with lawful solutions to their problems.


For our Clients we are always at their fingertips. We talk openly and explain even complex legal issues in comprehensible way.


For lawyers deadlines are the most important. Timeliness are also very important for the Clients. We have implemented a number of procedures that guarantee supplying our Clients with the products on time.


Our Clients appreciate the predictability of legal costs. We jointly develop optimal forms of cooperation to ensure that we are not exceeding the budget for legal aid.


Safety is a paramount for our Clients. Conducting our Clients affairs we gain broad access to their data, often sensitive data containing business secret and strategies or personal data. There is no way to guarantee security without implementing the most modern solutions, in particular securing the IT systems. Therefore we had implemented technical safeguards and procedures to ensure that our Clients’ data are fully secured.

Our own and very modern security system with the access control system and continous video monitoring.


Our own server room which is based on the solutions of world leaders in the fields of IT.


Procedures of exchange of information, supervision of workflow and destruction of documents, policy on secure data processing and controled access to files.



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+48 22 295 08 91
Spektrum Tower
XIX floor
18 Twarda Street,
00-105 Warsaw